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Why Radio ?


~          No Electricity – No Problem – Radio is there
~          People can’t read – No Problem – Radio is there
~          People don’t have time – No Problem – Radio is there
~          Radio has the largest reach as compared to TV and Print
~          Radio is interactive and inexpensive
~          Radio reaches the young age group better than any medium
~          Radio is measured
~          Radio has high reach and frequency
~          Radio is city specific targeting and adds local flavor by running ads in local language
~          Radio is the last medium consumed before purchase
~          Radio adds emotion
~          Radio brings day long exposure
~          Radio is spread across all the age groups, genders and SECs
~          Radio has multiplier effect
~          Duration of spots can be varied to increase effectiveness
~          Radio allows multiple creatives in different languages
~          Same radio ad can be used across the Country

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